Case study

Law: Creating a corporate writing style guide for a top international law firm

This leading law firm has over 800 lawyers across 12 international offices. The firm asked us to produce a ‘good writing guide’ for its lawyers and support staff around the world. The guide had to be comprehensive but easy to use, with tips on writing style, language use and document management.

After an initial briefing with the firm’s director of knowledge management, we prepared a first draft. It included sections on planning documents, language and style, correspondence greetings and sign-offs, and describing the firm and its people.

We also prepared short sections on grammar and punctuation, combining the firm’s house style with guidance on avoiding common mistakes.

The knowledge management team was happy with our first draft and required no amendments. It is currently available on the firm’s internal know-how system.

'Thank you very much for the excellent writing guide. Really looking forward to rolling it out to all our staff.'

Director of Knowledge Management

Client case studies

Leigh Fisher Case Study

Report-writing course for technical consultants

LeighFisher's consultancy work is highly technical, but their reports often go to non-technical clients: business leaders, financial investors and policymakers.

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Xafinity Case Study

Sales email training for pension consultants

Selling by email isn't easy – especially when you're selling technical products and services. We designed a training course around Xafinity's sales communications, from cold emails to follow-ups.

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Real Estate Case Study

Graduate training for chartered surveyors

Every year, we run a business-writing workshop for the graduate intake. The workshop's aims are to introduce the graduates to professional writing standards, develop their skills and build confidence.

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