Writing support for your business

We copywrite, edit and train staff to develop their own writing skills.

Writing support for your business

We copywrite, edit and train staff to develop their own writing skills.

Win new work, deliver a better client service and demonstrate your commitment to quality

Good writing is essential in business – which is why we help companies around the world produce clear, concise and effective documents.

Whether you want us to write your corporate brochure, rejig the structure of a proposal or train your staff to develop their report-writing skills, we'll make sure your documents succeed.

Our services


We create and deliver bespoke training to improve your staff’s writing skills. Every aspect is tailored to your company, based on your business and documents. The benefits: relevant and challenging learning, with results that last.

Copywriting and editing

We make it easy for you to produce powerful documents that set your company apart. Whether we write a document from scratch or edit your draft, we’ll work our magic and return a document that’s ready to publish.

About Attica

Attica was founded by Lucy Gregory and Emily Stella in 2013. Under their leadership, Attica has grown to provide writing support to companies around the world, from training in San Francisco to writing and editing in Hong Kong.

With 15 years’ experience writing for consultants, lawyers, financial advisers, and their clients, Lucy and Emily write at the highest level. And with expertise in a range of technical subjects, they bring clarity and style to complex ideas.

What our clients say

‘This was a really valuable course for our sales team … There is no question that in just over a month we have already seen an increase in responses to our cold e-mails and have a number of very exciting opportunities in train.’

David Harvey
Sales Director

‘Emily and Lucy always produce content to the highest standard. Not only have they assisted us with a wide range of marketing collateral, but they have done so quickly and efficiently to enable us to meet tight deadlines.’

Marketing department

‘Lucy is a great trainer; she is professional, engaging and an expert in her subject matter ... I fully recommend Attica to anyone who wants to improve their writing style.’

Joanna Shackleton
HR Manager
Vestra Wealth

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the content and delivery! … It was the best course I’ve been on in years. So much so that, uncharacteristically, I found myself voicing my thoughts in a group setting.’

Associate Director
Global business consultancy

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